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Hebei Roule Trading Co., Ltd. as the International Trade Department of Hebei Hengguang Transport Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd..The company specializes in various types of belt conveyors, drums, conveyor belts, idlers, conveyor accessories and equipment installation.
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Strong R&D strength, and widely praised customer reputation, the product has super high quality is beyond doubt.


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10 years experience in production and sales of conveying machinery.


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Complete specifications to meet customer needs. Products are processed in strict accordance with ISO international standards.


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convenient selection, high wear resistance, long service life


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we strive to provide customers with professional and suitable solutions.



Maintenance of Belt Conveyor

In order to ensure the reliable operation of belt


Type Selection and Operation Flow of Drum

1. Choice of the length of the drum: For goods of


Support Roller Maintenance Technology

  1. When to change oil?  2. How much oi


Seven Principles for Maintenance of Conveyor Belts

1. When conveying and storing, conveyor belts shou


Conveyor market prospect is considerable

With the increasingly fierce competition in the in


Main classification of idlers on the market

The idler is an important part of belt conveyor. I