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Conveyor market prospect is considerable

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With the increasingly fierce competition in the international and domestic markets, for example, in the machinery manufacturing industry, there are many enterprises at home and abroad, even well-known enterprises, which have failed in this relentless competition, some have collapsed, and some have been annexed.

Driven by energy-saving and emission reduction policies and constraints of relevant constraints, the conveyor will reduce dust, noise and waste generated in operation; reduce energy consumption, adhere to the development of energy-saving and emission reduction-centered conveying technology; expand the scope of application of conveyors under various extreme conditions; greatly improve the conveying capacity of conveyors, expand the length of single conveyor, and expand the conveying angle. To speed up the development of large-scale conveyor equipment with large transportation volume and long distance, in order to cater to the main trend of the conveyor market.

As early as 2012, the demand for some light-duty conveyors in China was as high as 14 million square kilometers. Among them, the market scale of conveyors was also very large, up to 1.685 billion yuan. In the next few years, the demand for conveyors in China will continue to grow. The demand for light-duty conveyors in China will further expand. It is expected that the demand for light-duty conveyors will reach 20.51 million square meters in 2015, so will the domestic market scale. With the increase, this figure will reach 2.876 billion yuan, which shows that the market prospects of conveyors are very considerable.